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Is She Interested?

Ever been in a situation where you just aren’t show if she’s into you? You guys have been hanging out a lot, you FEEL like she’s into you, but she said she just got out ….

That Time That Literally Nothing Happened

That’s right kids, it’s story time. Something that I haven’t done in a little while. I’ve had to wait a couple years on this one because only time would make this story less obvious about ….

How To Be A High-Value Woman

Most people want a high-value partner. I mean, why the fuck would you not? However, I would argue that some people don’t really know what being high-value means. I’m going to break down qualities of ….

Gift Guide – Gifts For Him

Oof, his birthday is right around the corner and you haven’t even begun to consider a good gift for him….yikes. Don’t worry kids, I got you. Find below some chic or thoughtful gifts for him ….

How To Lose Your Dating Anxiety

When I started this blog, I was fearlessly dating around, but it wasn’t always like that. In fact, I think I kind of sucked at dating in the beginning. I can be a really awkward ….