Anonymity is no fun



Anonymity is no fun, so here I am.

If you’ve come across this blog you’re probably here to relate and laugh about the hell hole that is dating.

If that’s the case then hello, my name is Paula and it’s so very nice to meet you. I live in a small college town in Florida called Gainesville.

I dabble in dating here and there. Not too much, not too little. Just enough to show up at a bar and realize that three guys you’re currently talking to are not only at the same bar but also went to the same high school or like to “get swole” at the same gym. Nothing like a mini heart attack that makes you feel like you’re suddenly on The Bachelorette but the contestants aren’t allowed to know about each other yet.

Let me start by saying I love men. I do. If it weren’t for men, this blog would’ve never been born anyway. I would never bash myself or others, especially on a public platform like this. I would also never write about current or very recent relationships, as well as reveal personal information. The point of this blog is for pure fun and laughs.

So if you’re still here, this blog is for all twenty-somethings to read, relate, engage and enjoy the funny and sometimes horrifying stories in this generation’s dating world. With a wine glass filled “half” full, I will be taking you through my experiences using probably too much sarcasm and dry humor. Welcome my friends.

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