Dating A Woman May Not Always Be Easy, But Doing This Will Make It Easier

Dating A Woman May Not Always Be Easy, But Doing This Will Make It Easier

Dating a woman can sometimes be complicated. I will say for sure that I personally am NOT easy. God bless my man.

Relationships, like most things, ebb and flow. There are times where your relationship will feel absolutely amazing, like nothing could ever be better. Then, there are times where the relationship doesn’t feel as incredible as it once was. That’s normal.

I’ve come to find that it’s the little things that keep the flame alive, which is especially important for when the relationship isn’t at its peak.

Often times, women want to just be seen. This tends to be a trend in long-term relationships or marriages.

“I feel like he doesn’t even see me.”

Sound familiar? That’s because when we become comfortable in relationships, the effort doesn’t feel like it always needs to be there.

I read an article the other day about a woman who said her (then) boyfriend, now husband did something that made her feel seen and special and changed the way she viewed her relationship.

They were at dinner and when they clinked their glasses on their date, he said, “Here’s to being here tonight – with you.”

She felt special and seen.

It became their thing.

The next time they were waiting in a long, grueling line in Ikea, he said, “Here’s to experiencing this line – with you.”

It sounds so silly, but it changed it for her. She felt like experiences were more meaningful. Even if it’s standing in a line, they were doing it together.

Keeping the flame alive does mean different things for different people, but often times it doesn’t mean you have to make this grand gesture. Often times it means making sure your partner feels seen, appreciated and loved.

And sometimes, we just need a little reminder of this.



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