How To Stop Feeling Ashamed About Being A Sexual Person

How To Stop Feeling Ashamed About Being A Sexual Person

I think it’s important to know that so many people feel ashamed about being too sexual or not sexual enough, and if this is you, you’re not alone in this.

This is a topic I don’t take lightly, and here’s why: No one should ever feel ashamed for being a sexual person, but they must be safe about it.

I count myself as one of the lucky ones for never feeling ashamed about thinking or talking about sex. I love sex. And so should everyone else.

When I think back about when I lost my virginity, and compare it to how my friends explained it, I felt they put too much pressure on themselves and the outcome of if they’ll stay with the guy forever, if they did it right, blah blah blah. To me at that moment, sex was about myself. I wanted to do it. I did it. I enjoyed it.

Sex is something that connects you and your partner. It’s also something that should be fun. I’ve literally burst out laughing mid-sex before and even if that killed the mood, it also made it a million times more enjoyable because the pressure is out the window and we’re all just here to enjoy ourselves.

It’s important to know that you won’t always have the same thoughts about sex as every single person around you. And that’s OK. That’s what makes you you. How badass is that?

Society consistently has condemned women for being sexual. It’s 2019 kiddos, let’s put that outdated mindset in the past. Nothing is going to change if we keep caring. Who gives a shit how many people you’ve slept with. It could be one, it could be 30.

However, I also know people who are extremely careless in their sex life. It’s not about the number of partners you have, it’s about not being safe about it. If you’re constantly in fear of getting STDs but you’re also being an idiot and sleeping with whomever without knowing their sexual history or using protection, I can’t go around giving you high-fives for that.

The biggest takeaway from this, and I don’t care how cliché this is, is that you MUST be safe when having sex. Please use protection. Please get tested regularly. Please have all the talks with your partner, even if it’s just a fling. Make getting tested a thing. Make a date with your girlfriends, get tested together, and get drinks afterwards to celebrate taking control of your sex life.

Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is hotter than being with a partner who takes safe sex seriously. Keep that in mind.

Now excuse me, but this convo is making me want to call up my man.


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