How To Be A High-Value Woman

How To Be A High-Value Woman

Most people want a high-value partner. I mean, why the fuck would you not? However, I would argue that some people don’t really know what being high-value means. I’m going to break down qualities of a high-value woman and how you can add these qualities into your own personal life. Not only will you see better quality men and women appear in your life, but it will transition to other parts of your life, leaving you feeling more confident and fulfilled.

Know Your Worth

I think a large number of women struggle with this first one. Knowing your worth is more than just showing confidence, it’s truly believing in yourself. It’s knowing that you deserve better, and that you won’t settle or sacrifice your happiness for someone who can’t put you first.

I’ve written several posts about self-love and discovering who you are. This is an important step in knowing your worth. How can you know your worth if you don’t know yourself?

Be Passionate About Things You Find Important

There has to be SOMETHING you’re passionate about, right? Make it known. It’s important to have opinions about things. If you LOVE dogs, express it. If you LOVE vintage trinkets, talk about it. Showing your passion for things gives you a voice, and having a voice shows your value.

Respect Others, And Be Respected

Remember that phrase your parents told you when you were growing up – “Treat others how you would like to be treated?” Yeah, it’s still a thing. I don’t believe you can force people to respect you. People are either going to respect you or they won’t. However, I also think you can show your value to others, which will sway people towards respecting you more.

First, you should treat everyone with respect. It’s just the right thing to do. Let’s do that. However, if there is someone who is disrespecting you either to your face or behind your back, call them out on it. Not in a mean or aggressive way. But in a more mature way. Standing up for yourself shows others you’re not going to lie down and take it. It goes back to having a voice. Without a voice, people will inevitably walk all over you, and a high-value woman will not accept that.

Don’t Be A Yes Man (Or Woman)

Are you a people pleaser? Yeah, I’ve been there. It’s awful. You say yes to every single thing, and shortly after you’re feeling stressed, worn-out and under appreciated. Whether it’s in your career or your relationship, there is great power in saying no. Something I TRY to practice each time is to just say “no” without explaining every detail behind my response. For example, if a friend asks me to go out, and I’d rather stay in, instead of either going or coming up with this grand excuse, I’m practicing just saying, “I think I’m just going to stay in tonight. Thanks for the invite though, and we’ll get together next week.” Simple.

The same needs to be done in relationships and dating. You’re on your third date and he takes you to sushi, but you fucking hate sushi? (First of all, how?) Don’t force yourself to eat raw fish. Thank him for taking you somewhere but explain your preferences. You guys can either try some other place or you can eat something else.


I hope you find ways to introduce these into all aspects of your life.


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