My Go-To Strategy For Staying Happy

My Go-To Strategy For Staying Happy

I feel like I’m quite the optimist. While I do and say everything with dry sarcasm, I also know that when it comes to looking at the glass half empty or full, your girl is choosing full.

It’s a nice way of living. I’m not blindly optimistic however. I’m saying this because of the title of this post. To be completely realistic, there’s no way to STAY happy. Happiness comes and goes as does all emotions. However, there are certain things that make me feel better in no time.


I’m a big bath fan. I find warm water surrounding you so nice and calming. I also try to optimize my bath time with essential oils, bubbles and bath salts. My go-to is lavender. While lavender isn’t necessarily my favorite scent, it is my favorite calming scent. Hence why I have bath bubbles, sprays and essential oils for my diffuser in lavender. I also love putting on Hulu or Netflix on my phone and watching it while I relax. I just got on the Love Island train and WOW SO GOOD.

Hanging With My Man

Is this cliche? Probably. I’m so lucky to have someone who knows exactly how to make me feel better when I’m down. Whether he’s making me laugh when I’m sad, gives me a big hug when I’m scared or just hangs with me when I’m stressed, he always knows how to help me.

Working Out

This one is a bit of a hit or miss. Everyone is different about working out – some people love it, some people despise it. I just so happen to love it. HOWEVER. I will not be inclined to work out if I’m mad. If I’m stressed or a little upset, sign me up. If I’m mad, I’ll only be harder on myself and my performance so I know it’s best to avoid.


When I’m really feeling down, I love to curl up in my bed and put on some Netflix. More specifically¬†The Office. I feel like the humor and the lack of needing to really focus is perfect. It’s basically really entertaining background noise. And the comfort of my bed is perfect, so yeah, I’m in paradise.


What are your favorite ways to boost your mood?

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2 thoughts on “My Go-To Strategy For Staying Happy

  1. Being outside..puppy and my man…baths or anything that helps me relax and let my mind (and muscles drift) and working out (as long as I am in the right mood). Anything or any conversation that makes me think too much is stressful on my brain so it has to be something that lets me escape whatever stress I am dealing with.

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