The Perfect Text To Send When You’re Just Not Feeling A Guy

The Perfect Text To Send When You’re Just Not Feeling A Guy

Let’s set the scene:

You meet a guy off Bumble. You two exchange messages back and forth. You’re not particularly feeling him, but you’re also not NOT feeling him, you know?

He asks you on a date, and you think to yourself, ‘What the hell. Could be fun.’

You put on an off-the-shoulder top with leather pants and a sexy pair of black booties.

The date goes….well.

Wasn’t too exciting, but it wasn’t not NOT exciting, you know?

He texts you afterwards and said he had a great time. You reply and the conversation slowly dies.

A few days later, he asks for a second date. You think about it, but ultimately, you’re just not into him.

What’s your next move?

Well, as tempting as it is to just not respond, (you’ve only been on one date, right?!) it’s really honestly a shitty thing to do.

Instead, just be honest.

Here’s my go-to text whenever I’ve found myself in this situation:

“I had a great time with you the other night, but I just didn’t feel a connection between us, and I would hate to waste your time. Thank you again for the ___drinks/dinner/etc._____!”

I will be honest that some guys get pretty mad about the text. Whatever.

Hope this helps!


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