Four Ways To Go From Zero To Total Confidence In No Time

Four Ways To Go From Zero To Total Confidence In No Time

Confidence is hot. Like really hot. And I think it’s safe to say that majority of people agree. Think about the last time you were at a party, and a really confident girl walks in with her friends, completely outshining the rest of the crowd. Or when you were in class and a guy presents a project with total confidence. Hot.

So we know confidence is hot, cool. Now what? Just knowing something is attractive doesn’t make us instantly get on that level, I know. So I put together a few quick tips that will make you look and feel more confident. Get out a notebook and take some notes.

Dress up…for yourself

Here’s the deal. I don’t and can’t understand the following sentence:

“Wowwwww, look at you. Who are you all dressed up for?”

I’m sorry, what? I’m dressed up for myself, because it makes me feel good. I don’t do it for compliments. I don’t do it to impress you, or her, or him. I do it literally for the good mood it puts me in. I do it because I feel more productive than when I’m in all sweats.

I strongly suggest you do the same. While we can argue on the superficiality of it all, the first thing someone notices about you usually isn’t your personality. People notice if you take care of yourself. They notice your hygiene. They notice the wrinkles on your clothes. They notice the coffee stains. They notice if you’re a complete mess.

I like to think of people as an investment. Whether it’s an investment of time, money, resources, it’s an investment. I don’t want to invest in someone who is an absolute mess and doesn’t put in the time to care about themselves.

When you take some time for yourself, even if it’s to put a little extra time on your hair or on your outfit, you’ll feel better walking out the door. It’s like tidying up your house. Would you rather walk into a mess of an apartment, or walk into a clean space?

Focus on your own shit

Focusing on your own shit is a godsend in many ways. Comparison is the death of self confidence. There will always be someone smarter, fitter, cooler, and better looking. The difference is that some people don’t look at others to compare themselves to. When I’m feeling less than confident, I remind myself to keep my head down, focus on my own projects for a while and in no time I’m back to my usual self.


Similar to the point above, focus on your own shit but also progress in it. Tony Robbins says, “The secret to happiness is progress.” The man knows a thing or two about that. When it comes to life, you want to feel fulfilled. Think back to a time where you worked hard and were able to progress in something. Whether it was reaching a personal record in squats, getting a promotion, learning a new skill, all these things required some work but the outcome was amazing. And what happened after you reached a new level? You were motivated to work even more.

That’s just how things are. There is always something you can work towards. There is always something that can improve. The more you progress, the more confident you’ll feel in your skills. And then best part is, you’ll never get bored because there is always more to do!


Something I’ve implemented in my daily (at least mostly) routine is gratitude. This means beginning and ending each day practicing some form of gratitude. Gratitude is a beautiful way to say thank you for everything you have. It’s removing your focus from anything you lack, and feel appreciative for the things you have. This practice in itself will shift your mindset towards positivity, which in turn makes you happier and more confident!

Give it a try: Start a gratitude journal. Every night for the┬ánext six weeks, write 5 things you are grateful for. It can be anything big or small. If you can’t think of anything, you can even write ‘I’m grateful for this journal.’

Try it out and watch your mindset shift.



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