Why You Should Never Remember Someone’s Name

Why You Should Never Remember Someone’s Name

Dramatic af title, right?

Let me get straight to the point. Not remembering someone’s name is actually the best way to start a conversation.

I used to do this all the time when I was out at a bar with friends. I’d see a guy I’ve met a few times before or have seen around enough times to recognize him. Once I was in close proximity to him, I’d make eye contact, squint a little, tilt my head, and warmly say, “Hey, I think I know you from somewhere. What was your name again?”

Whether he knows your or not, he’s about to get to know you anyway.

I think we often times try to overcomplicate pickup lines when in reality all you really need is a non shitty conversation opener.

It’s something I’ve learned in life working in retail – we can prepare and prepare our sales pitch, but if we don’t actually ask for the sale it’s pretty unlikely the customer will purchase.

Instead of going on and on and on about a product, simply state some facts and ask for the sale.

Worst that can happen is they say no, right?

Same with pickup lines. If you use the line I used above, and they’re not interested, you say “My mistake!” and carry on with your night.


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