Post-Break Up Glow Up Isn’t Just For A Break Up

Post-Break Up Glow Up Isn’t Just For A Break Up

I’m not sure what’s in the water these days but it feels like everyone is breaking up or having a rough time. With so many people coming to me with their relationship woes, I started actually feeling bad myself. My anxiety peaked, I was having panic attacks all over again, and I just wasn’t feeling myself at all. But I knew I had to keep it together for my friends who are clearly in a time of need. What can I say, I like helping people more than I can even handle sometimes. I really miss those years in high school where I was more of an asshole truthfully.

But anyway, after trying to help so many of my friends recently, I noticed I kept telling them the same thing – focus on yourself. Do you. Be better. I even broke down the post-breakup glow up to one friend. He understandably laughed at the term, but laughs aside, the post-breakup glow up is a fucking fact and lifesaver.

You ever notice after you break up with someone they all of a sudden decide to be hot, fun, spontaneous and outgoing? You ever catch yourself thinking, ‘Seriously?? If x was like this before I would’ve never left.’

The post-breakup glow up is basically the easiest way to make your ex hate themselves until inevitably someone moves on or you guys get back together.

While describing this process, it dawned on me that we could all use a little post-breakup glow up. I don’t mean we should all break up with people to lose weight and remember you’re actually hot. I’m saying that we could all use a little reminder of who the fuck we are.

I also realized that I couldn’t tell all these people to do all these things when I myself wasn’t practicing what I preach.

So I did a little audit of my life as of late. I went over all the things I was sitting at comfortably. I believe being comfortable in something is equivalent to being dead. Comfort = death (in life stuff only, not like a nice comfortable bed, duh).

I also asked myself one important question: Would I date me?

My honest answer was that I wasn’t sure. With my anxiety taking over the wheel for the last month and my with my comfortability in all things, I wasn’t inspired enough to really want to date myself. And if I don’t want to date myself, who would?

So I took actionable steps. I took a look at my goals, my ambitions, my plans for the future, etc. I also eliminated certain things I knew was causing my anxiety to peak. That meant taking some time off my Instagram, taking more time to do my own things and learning to remove myself from situations where I was getting too emotionally invested in other people’s problems.

At the end of the day, the post-breakup glow up is the motivation to do an audit of your life and see where you stand. Be the person you want to date. And if you just went through a breakup, and you’re looking for a sign or for someone to tell you to get your shit together – THIS IS YOUR SIGN. LET’S GO BITCH.



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