Year: 2018

I like you, I like you…not?

I will admit my more recent guys have been way more promising than even I ever expected. There’s a thin line between how much time I give before writing about a guy I’ve dated and ….

It’s really not you, it’s actually me

You’ve probably wondered by now why I’m sitting here, single, writing a dating blog. Well assholes, I’m single because I genuinely really want to be (tysm). Maybe this sounds bad, especially reading it now, but ….

Rebound Gone Right?

We all get our hearts broken. It’s an inevitable pain that happens more than once. But that’s dating. That’s relationships. It’s all trial and error until we find that one person who sticks. F. Scott ….

Well, I guess I’m an Asshole

Ok, so I like to think that I’m GENERALLY not an ass. I will openly say that I am not the sweetest most caring human to walk this earth. I think that title could be ….

A Giant Waste of Time

If you guys only knew how many times I tried to write this specific post – each unsuccessful attempt making me more and more frustrated. Here’s the thing, this guy I’m about to tell you ….

If You’re a Nice Guy, I’m an Idiot

Oh my god. Do you ever look back on previous situations and think ‘Hoooollllyyyyy shit I’m an idiot.’ No background story here. This is the very short-lived (thankfully) story of The Nice Guy. No, this isn’t a ….

The Birth of Tinder Dates

I honestly think it would be a disservice to this blog if I didn’t start my very first post with my first Tinder date experience. I was reluctant to start Tinder because there was still ….