Year: 2018

When I Fell in Love

I’m going to tell you about the story of when I fell in love recently. I really, truly fell in love. Falling in love is weird. It’s awkward. It makes you feel alllllllll kinds of ….

That’s Not my Name

I know we all remember our first date or experience with an older man or woman. Mine isn’t very exciting to be honest. He’s a restaurant owner here in town. Not gonna lie, the man ….

Popped a molly i’m sweatin’

I can’t quite figure out how to start this story. With a title like this, you can imagine it’s not one of those casual stories about how you dated some guy named Chad and it ….

Shakespeare would be disappointed

I’m actually laughing typing this sentence because this date makes me cringe THAT MUCH. You ever been on a date and wondered how on earth you managed to get yourself in that situation? (If so, ….

Ugh, The Nice Guy

Yes, we know the narrative. Us gals only like the fuck boys while we friend zone the nice guys. Nice guys always finish last. Blah, blah, literally falling asleep over here. Are you guys wrong? ….

Thank you for your irrelevance

Can we appreciate the rave baes of the world? Let’s first start by defining a rave bae for all you non rave lovers out there. Urban Dictionary, a reliable resource that should be used more ….

Hope…the lamest four-letter word

Hope is the lamest four-letter word when it comes to dating and relationships. Just hear me out. Last week I was blessed to get in a conversation with a well-known dating expert. I promise more ….