No one cares about your resolutions

This is my third time rewriting this post. The first two drafts were about the things I’ve learned in the last year with dating and the things you should try next year. But the truth is, no one really gives a shit about resolutions, what people have learned, etc. I know I don’t. In three weeks from today are you really going to think back on one of the resolutions I wrote down on this post? Didn’t think so.

Dating is an ongoing learning process. Even in marriages you’re constantly learning. So I can’t put here five concrete things I want you to try next year because every situation is different and every person is different.

What I do know is this: I have some shit to tell you in this upcoming year. I will help you play the game without playing THE game that we all hate, I will  help you build your confidence going on dates, I will help you ask for what you want and I will help you date the fuck outta 2019. I’ll use my stories, your stories and psychology-based facts that I’ve been gathering to actually give you things you can take with you with every person you meet.

So buckle up gals and guys because I have quite a lot planned for you, and it’s not just a list of resolutions.


The Girl with a Heart on Her Middle Finger 

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