Three Reasons Girls Play Games and how to Deal with it

Earlier this week I dove into the reasons guys play games with girls. But like I said in my last post, guys aren’t the only culprits in this. Girls play games just as well as guys.

Here are three reasons girls play games with guys, and how to deal with them:

1. They’re too nice

I know, this sounds weird but wow it’s a real thing. Here’s what I mean, and I can guarantee girls will relate to this hard. There are cases where a guy starts chatting it up with a girl. The conversation is flowing, and it seems like things are going really well. You ask for her number, and she gives it to you. After texting back and forth for a bit, you ask her to hang out. Her response is any of the following:


“It depends what time, I’m kind of busy.”

“I’m super swamped with work this week.”

“Haha aw I wish I could.”

This happens a few more times, leaving you confused. Why does she seem interested, but isn’t committing to plans?

She doesn’t like you bro. She doesn’t like you, and she is way too scared to tell you and hurt your feelings. So she leads you on hoping that you’ll just take the hint eventually or find someone else.

When it comes to dealing with the “too nice” girls, it really depends on how much time and effort you want to put in. As of right now, she knows you’re interested, but doesn’t want to do anything about it. It’s best you cool off and focus on improving yourself. Do you for a bit, and show back up when you feel like you have even more to offer her. Having her not hear from you in a while will give her a big enough break to forget what avoiding you was like. Pop back up and see if she has a change of heart. But also be aware that this really might not work, and there will be a girl you find even sweeter and more attractive and even funnier down the road who will appreciate you and your efforts.

2. She isn’t looking for anything serious

I’ve been here, so this is coming straight from the source. When a girl doesn’t want anything serious, it’ll feel like she’s close but you can never quite reach her. If you’re feeling like this is happening, it’s probably because it is. It’s not to say she doesn’t like you at all, it’s just that she isn’t ready for anything serious.

When dealing with this situation, it’s much like dealing with a guy with commitment issues. Take things slow, but show her how you can be an addition to her life. The more time you spend with someone, the more someone will like having you around. Spend a solid amount of time with her, but shock her system every once in a while. For example, say she sleeps over a few times a week every week. On a day she’s expecting to sleep over, tell her you have plans. Don’t tell her what the plans are, just say you’re busy and that you’ll catch up with her later in the week. That’s all you need to do, and I guarantee she’ll be thinking about you all night.

3. She’s really into you but is terrified 

Have you ever been into a girl but had no idea if she even cared about you at all? Say you guys are out and you talk to another girl  at a bar. You look over and it doesn’t seem to have bothered her for even a microsecond. Girls like this are protecting themselves. They don’t want to let their guard down quite yet, because they have no idea if they can trust you. It’s conflicting for her because she wants to give in, but her instinct is to just act like she doesn’t care. Why invest too early and get your heart broken, am I right?

When it comes to this girl, you need to be patient with her. Show her that she can trust you. Spend some one-on-one time together. Giving her a chance to open up to you and see that it’s completely OK to do so will get her to show you more how she feels. Liking someone is scary af. We all know that. So make it a little easier for someone who has their guard up by showing them that you’re the type of person who she can let her guard down with.


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