Thank you for your irrelevance

Can we appreciate the rave baes of the world?

Let’s first start by defining a rave bae for all you non rave lovers out there.

Urban Dictionary, a reliable resource that should be used more often, defines rave baes as:

“A guy/girl you meet at a rave that acts like a S/O until the end of the night and is never to be seen again after the rave is over. Job description includes, but is not limited to: disappearing together for the entire rave, hardcore grinding, repelling lone ravers in your vicinity, and meeting other rave bae couples. Rave baes are usually harmless and plur-friendly, but an encounter with the occasional crazy rave bae is not uncommon.”

Now, I’m not going to sit here and make this specific to raves only, because who the fuck cares about that?

But let’s take a quick look at how rave baes are good for the soul.

RB’s show up and literally become your significant other for an entire night, and then you never have to speak to them again. The best part is that you guys genuinely enjoy each other’s company, but it and they becomes irrelevant by the end of the night.

Especially for my single friends who have recently been broken up with or something, this is such a solid move IF you’re in the right mindset. If you’re at the stage where you’re going to probably call your ex crying when you’re wasted, this may not be the move for you.

But finding a rave bae or just a random to spend time with while you’re out with absolutely no promise or hooking up or even talking to this person after the night is over,  could be the move for you if you’re in a place where you’re still bummed about what happened with your ex bae, but you’re pretty much ready to move on.

RB’s are fun. RB’s are an ego boost. RB’s are reminders that you still got it, and once you’re ready to get back out there, you’ll know you can.

I recently went on a girl’s trip when I was a little bummed about some guy. Although I was a little bummed, I was still ready to kick it and see where this trip was going to take me.

While I was out, I met this guy. We hit it off, spent the entire time out together, and at the end of the night we walked out to catch our rides. He told me how much fun he had and loved meeting me.

I agreed that I really loved spending time with him, and then I turned to him and said, “Wanna know the best part of this? We had a great time, and we’ll never see each other again.”

He said he wished he could see me again the following day, and I was like lol no thanks, but I did mention how cool it was that we could be so chill about enjoying each other’s company and that we could move on from that night and get back to reality.

Maybe I was too brutally honest, but when am I not? (Rhetorical question, please don’t contact me with an answer for this.)

Ok so plot twist, we end up running into each other the following night and that was cool too. But what was awesome about all this is that he is just irrelevant fun, not even in a mean way. We chilled, had a good time, and the next step is to just move on.

I was able to come back from my trip, feeling good about meeting other guys and moving on from the other guy I was previously upset about.


As an update, my little RB from the girl’s trip is a professional baseball player, we still keep in contact and will probably run into each other some time in the future. Didn’t see that coming, did ya?



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