A Giant Waste of Time

If you guys only knew how many times I tried to write this specific post – each unsuccessful attempt making me more and more frustrated.

Here’s the thing, this guy I’m about to tell you about is a blog post begging to happen. He is the textbook definition of confusing AF. But because of how confusing he is, it’s hard to tell this story clearly. So bear with me as I try to communicate how much this guy sucks as accurately as possible.

I’ve been going back and forth on a good name for him, and I can’t think of anything better than Giant Waste of Time. So we’re going to name him GWT.

I met GWT on Tinder. Are you shocked? Just say no, and we’ll move on.

We went a Mexican restaurant downtown. I actually take all of my first dates there. It’s like a fun little tradition to tell the hostess table for two as I show up with a different guy each time. I always wonder if they remember me.

So we get a couple margs, and start talking. He’s a little shy, intelligent and hella attractive. He’s also a little rough around the edges but in a charming way. Think Channing Tatum in Step Up.

The first date went well, and we seemed to like each other equally.

We hung out a bit more, but it eventually fizzled out.

I thought it was the end of GWT, but that’s when he started doing this really weird thing that I still don’t understand.

I’m not even exaggerating when I say he’s asked me to hang out 10 times since, and we never have. He is the king of making non-specific plans and never following through with them.

One day, I was so annoyed with dealing with his consistent inconsistency that the next time he asked to go to dinner, I made him tell me a specific time and day. Everything was planned.

About two hours before, I realized he never texted me or anything to confirm. I debated whether or not I should get ready for this date that would probably never happen.

Instead of getting ready, I took a gamble and put on the TV, got dressed in my comfiest pjs and said fuck it.

I had a great night and due to his lack of communication, I’m quite certain he didn’t try to go on our date either.

It became a weird mutual understanding that we would never see each other.

And so it continued. He would ask me out, I would agree if I felt like it, and we’d never show for it.

After a year of silence, I thought we finally had reached the end of GWT. But lo and behold, I received a message from him last month. We made plans, and can you guess the rest?


If I had to analyze this situation I would say that he does this for his ego. He feeds off the fact that I am agreeing to see him even though we never actually follow through. I guess it’s a mutual agreement. We both enjoy the fact that interest is expressed but never followed up with even an ounce of commitment.



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