The Birth of Tinder Dates

I honestly think it would be a disservice to this blog if I didn’t start my very first post with my first Tinder date experience. I was reluctant to start Tinder because there was still the stigma of it being just a hookup app, and I wasn’t there for it. I remember my friend convinced me to get it while we were eating (and prob drinking) at Chili’s. Also, what happened to Chili’s? Did it go to restaurant heaven with Applebee’s?

I created my profile and the swiping began. I quickly came across Italian Bae. His pictures were solid, he seemed business-oriented and didn’t seem like a total frat guy like the majority of others.

We matched. We chatted. And the date was set. We decided to meet for ice cream at a place near downtown. I arrived early because I was nervous as fuck and honestly didn’t know if I would recognize him if he were already there. He showed up about 10 minutes late.

I will never forget scrolling through Instagram and hearing, “Paula?”

I go to look up and was shocked to find out I didn’t have to look too far up. Turns out he was a couple inches shorter than me. I wasn’t too thrilled, but I’m also not an asshole so I ignored it.

We sat at the table for a bit and chatted. There weren’t any immediate red flags, but I also wasn’t super interested after a few minutes of chatting.

The only red flag is that we didn’t even eat ice cream before he came up with a better idea. Still salty about that.

He suggested we go to a bar in town where international students go to meet and mingle. I had never been, and I loved that he wanted to do something different that appealed to us being foreign in some form, as my family is from Brazil and his is from Italy, hence his nickname here.

I figured, why not give Italian Bae a shot. The worst that can happen is I do something new and make a friend out of it.


So, we get to the bar and he asks if I want a drink. Before I get a chance to answer, he immediately starts chatting with this girl next to him. I figured it wasn’t a big deal until I’m standing there for a solid two minutes while he proceeds to hit on this random.

Looking back, I should’ve left, but I was naive and honestly didn’t know how to react. Maybe he was just being social?

He comes back to me, buys me a drink and asks if I want to go outside. I agree.

We go out in the patio where there are several other international students. I figured we’d have a better chance to chat and get to know each other. But instead, he leaves me to talk to a group of girls.

At that point I realized that this date was barely a date and I had no reason to be there, so I decided to make it my night as well. I start mingling and chatting. I met some really great people, some of which I’m still in contact with, so thanks Italian Bae for being somehow useful in this waste-of-time night.

I’m there for about an hour and a half when he calls me over to another group for me to “meet his new friends.”

He ended up showing me off as his “date” to a group of guys and proceeded to ask me to kiss him.

Hard pass my friend.

So I tell him no and that it was late so I was going to go home.

He grabbed my arm and asked again for me to kiss him.

As I mentally told him to go fuck himself, I politely told him no, and that I was going home. He asked to walk me to my car and I said no. He gave me a kiss on the cheek that I did not ask for or want, and said goodbye.

As I walked back to my car without the 5’3 Italian man, I realized that this was the birth of Tinder dates.

The beautiful hit or miss based off if you’re sexually attracted to each other’s pictures on an app within 3 seconds of viewing it.

Also, yes I’m still on the app and yes I still go on Tinder dates. I’ve actually met some solid guys on there. More stories to come.

As an update on Italian Bae, he tried to see me a few times after. I never responded. Fast-forward to a year later and me and Italian Bae just so happened to be stuck in the middle of the woods for a college program’s woodser, where I politely told him hi (after unsuccessfully trying to avoid him for an hour). We quickly parted ways and I thankfully never saw him again.

RIP Italian Bae.


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  1. This is of course the hard part about dating. You meet some really great guys and you meet some not so great guys. Glad you at least took the chance to see where it went even though he clearly didn’t act like a gentleman.

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