Year: 2018

No one cares about your resolutions

This is my third time rewriting this post. The first two drafts were about the things I’ve learned in the last year with dating and the things you should try next year. But the truth ….

Care Less About Your Love Language

It’s so easy to think you really truly know yourself. You’ve been you your whole life after all, right? When I first heard of the five love languages, I didn’t care to take the quiz. ….

My First Kiss Sucked Ass

You didn’t think I’d leave you in the dark when it came to my first encounter with a guy, did you? What kind of friend would I be? My first kiss was in Brazil. International, ….

Three-hour date from hell

When it comes to bad dates, there are a few that come to mind. I’m a picky person when choosing someone I want to seriously date. My standards are high and wanting to seriously date ….